The paint and wine company formerly known as Cork & Canvas

It happened to pavlova. It happened to Russell Crowe. But we never thought it would happen to us. 



When we dreamed up the idea of fusing art and wine together in the winter of 2017 we didn’t think our concept would grow as much as it did. Then it did.

You told us how much you loved it and so we doubled down. From one location to four, we grew. Then, as we set our sails globally, we ran into some stormy weather.


While we were busy throwing acrylics and alcohol together, some cheeky Aussies swiped in before we noticed and trademarked the name Cork & Canvas for themselves, despite not yet operating in New Zealand.

Now unless you’re a trademark expert, most would be puzzled as to why this would’ve been a problem. Unfortunately, what this meant was that we were left with a choice - fight for the name or create a new one.

Like kiwifruit on a pav, three-way handshakes, or playing cricket by the rules, we decided to create something new that was truly Kiwi.

So today we introduce Paintvine - New Zealand’s favourite paint and wine night.


cork and canvas nz

The name Paintvine, is literally the combination of the two things that gives us our essence, the fine pairing of art and wine to deliver a unique experience you can only find at our events.

(paint + wine = good times)

So say hello to Paintvine. Drink, Paint. Just don’t drink the paint 😉

Oh, and Australia? You can keep Russell Crowe.