Kita Mean is the Queen of Camp. With a career spanning over 13+ years she has been making people laugh all over the world with her upbeat charm and relentlessly camp aesthetic. Kita Mean has successfully produced and starred in some of New Zealand’s longest running Cabaret shows as well as successfully produced and starred in a local television series "House of Drag" alongside Warner Bros International TV. Since then Kita Mean has starred in and subsequently won the first ever season of RuPaul’s Drag Race Downunder which further cemented her name as the most well recognised Drag Queen in New Zealand, globally. Well known for her sharp wit, comic timing and colourful looks Kita Mean has been recognised for her bold drag makeup which has been highly praised by some of the industries most respected authorities. In 2023 Kita Mean has released her memoir “Life in Lashes’ with Harper Collins publishing and has been travelling and performing in and out of the USA throughout the year, performing in Australia, Bali, Scotland and London, as well as touring her one woman show ‘Delightfully Camp”. Kita Mean works and plays hard with a skip in her step and a cheeky gleam in her eye. She's quirky, kooky, kitsch, quick and keen. #kitamean.