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Become a creative entrepreneur and make a sustainable income doing something you love.

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Turn your passion for art into a profession!

Are you creative, extroverted and love working independently?

Partner with Paintvine® and you can earn a living delivering Paintvine® creative experiences in your community!

Why become a Paintvine artist or assistant

You’ll work independently

This is no 9-5, and you'll have all the flexibility and independence you like. You decide how often and when you would like to work.

You’ll work with an award winning team

Our team has won awards each year for marketing, peoples choice and customer service delivery.

You get a platform for your passion

We love to feature your art works (if you want too) and let you paint the way you want in your community!

You’ll get full training and support

We’ve developed in-depth video in-person training and support to give you the confidence you need to run the best events ever!

You’ll never stop having fun!

You’ll be having so much fun, it won’t even feel like work!

So how does it work?

Apply below to join the team!

After you apply, you’ll get a call back from one of our team for a quick 15 minute interview!

If you’re a good fit for the team, we’ll invite you along to one of our events (more of a site visit, you won’t be doing any work) so that you can get a feel for it and meet one of our artist and assistant crews.

If you’re keen to join us, we’ll seal the deal on paper ! and begin your training, buddy you up with one of our existing artists and onboard you with our team.

Within 2 to 3 events, you’ll teaching and assisting your own Paintvine events. Go you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to become a Paintvine artist?

You'll have a a passion for painting and experience working with acrylics on canvas. You'll be generally positive, cheerful, entertaining and have an extroverted personality. You will enjoy being the centre of attention. You love to communicate, entertain and to bring people together. You are organised and prepared, you'll be leading and setting up the sessions to ensure all of your guests have everything they need for their experience. You'll have enough storage space in your home to store all of the materials for your events eg. garage or spare room. You'll ideally have your full driver's license and a car, this will make getting to and from you event easier, but this is not a necessity.

What is it like working with Paintvine?

You'll be leading and hosting your own Paintvine experiences with 30-35 participants and show them how much fun it is to unleash their creativity. You will lead the painting process and enable guests to create their own personal masterpiece. You will ensure that guests experience a night full of entertainment and fun in an open and relaxed atmosphere. You will receive training and ongoing support to become an Paintvine artist and have access to our online training materials. You'll become a part of our Paintvine Community of over 80+ creatives - full of inspiring people just like you!

What are the next steps?

You'll apply via the button below. Once we get your application we will give you a bell to chat. Next you'll be invited to join and assist at an existing Paintvine event so that you can get a feel for the event and if its something you would like to do. You can take this moment to speak with our existing Paintvine artists too. You'll then receive coaching via one of our artists one-on-one at a few more of our sessions, then once you're ready you'll be Paintvine ready and teaching your own classes!