Become a Paintvine Venue

Become a Paintvine venue and host our Paint & Wine Nights

Bring new customers to your venue when you host Paintvine's Paint & Wine Nights

We host close to 1000+ events each and every year across New Zealand. We have demand for events, and we need space like yours to host them in. 

Fill your venue up when you're not busy

Our events last around 2-3 hours, and we run them on nights of the week that you're not busy. We'll help you maximise your revenue mid-week with our guests.

Host more private events

We run private events for hundreds of Kiwi companies across the nation. We need venues like yours to host them in. Become a Paintvine venue and we'll direct our inquiries to your venue.

Align with a brand that is taking NZ by storm

Paintvine is New Zealand's favourite new night out, our customers are high spending and young.

  • What does my venue need to be able to host Paintvine events?

    We require a semi-private area or space with room for at least 30 people sitting or on high tables with stools. We need around 4 hours in total, from setup, to running the event, to shut down. Our guests will be looking for drinks and food available to purchase throughout the evening. Ideally no carpets or soft furnishings, but we can cover these up if necessary. Enthusiastic staff who are available to come to our guests to take any drink or food orders (this helps you maximise your revenue on our events)

    What are the next steps?

    You'll apply via the button below. Once we get your application we will give you a bell to chat. If its a good fit, we'll host a few test events at your venue and with all going well, we'll make Paintvine a permanent fixture to your venue.

    Become a Paintvine Venue

    Fill your venue up on nights you're not busy