Is the model fully naked?

Yes, the models are fully naked. If you're not comfortable with nudity maybe this one isn't for you...

What if I don’t get enough time to finish my drawing?

We’ll make sure you get enough time to finish your drawings, there will be a long pose for everyone to grasp a good drawing of the nude model and some short poses as well. You may feel free to ask the art instructor any questions to get help with your drawing if you’d like some help.

What will I learn?

You’ll acquire an understanding and approach of how to get started on human figure drawing – learning observational techniques, understanding the human anatomy and proportion, and developing drawing techniques during the session. Basics elements in drawing human figures will be the main objective: capturing shades and tones, as well as proportion, form and volume.

Who should join?

For all fun lovers and the creatively curious among us. No artistic experience is necessary! Do not worry if you are a beginner! This is a fun class for beginners and experts among us. So long as you have an interest in picking up life drawing, our team is here to assist and guide you to hone your observational and sketching skills.

Do you do female nude drawings?

At this stage we won't be, but please do let us know of your interest at

Can I interact with the model?

We don't encourage it, however our artist and the model will let you know on the evening if they are comfortable with interacting with you.

I would like to become a model, where do I send my nudes?

Professionally of course, if you're interested in becoming a model for our events. We would love to have you along. Our sessions are fun, but run tastefully, and we put a huge amount of focus into making sure that you're as comfortable as possible. Each session is hosted by one of experience artists who guides the session. Get in touch with us at

Irresistibly fun 🙈

In this tasteful and fun workshop our expert Paintvine artists will guide you through sketching the beauty of the human anatomy step-by-step while you and your friends share a drink, a few laughs and a cheeky wink or two with our delightfully naked and good looking male model.

A fun class for beginners and experts

It all begins with a brief introduction of the human anatomy while our model undresses for you, we'll give you a brief overview of the methods of observation and sketching. From here you'll start putting pencil to paper and shaping the human form on paper - you'll be delightfully surpirsed at you're capable of.

Guided by our expert artists

Your model will run through a series of long and short poses so that you get every opportunity to sketch the human form it is entirely. 

After a couple of drinks, a few cheeky winks and a good laugh or three you and your friends will bid adieu to your model and head home with a series of unique and fun drawings to remember this run and creatively curious night out. 

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