This charming watercolour painting of a hedgehog nestled in a wreath of natural greens, exudes a serene and nature-inspired vibe. The painting captures the essence of a lush, green forest and the small, endearing creatures that inhabit it.

The hedgehog is portrayed in a delicate and whimsical style, sitting amongst a lush wreath. With guidance and support from the Paintvine team, participants will learn the techniques needed to create their own unique interpretation of this adorable hedgehog in a wreath.

Whether you are an experienced painter or a beginner, this new artwork promises to be a delightful and fulfilling painting experience, celebrating the beauty of nature and the joy of creativity.

This painting motif is the property of Paintvine. Unauthorized duplication or reproduction is prohibited. Written permission from Paintvine is required to reproduce or use these unique designs. All enquiries related to rights and permissions should be directed to