By Helen English

Our Ruru and the Moon is evidence you can create an effective painting using limited colours, of just black blue and purple! This painting utilises the paper colour for the moon, and uses negative space by painting in the background behind the moon. The hardest thing to do in this painting is to draw the circle for the moon.

Story time! There is actually an urban legend that only a psychopath can draw a perfect circle in one go. The origins of this myth are said to date back to the 14th century painter, Giotto, when Pope Benedict XI wanted to commission a painting for the Vatican and asked for a sample of Giotto’s work. Instead, Giotto simply dipped his paintbrush in black ink and drew a perfect circle on canvas. Benedict was so impressed and offered Giotto the job. Giotto’s ability to draw such a perfect circle has over time, been seen as a sign of insanity.

But we can show you, with careful sketching techniques that this urban myth is not true - anyone can draw a circle!

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