We love art because we love getting creative and learning new things. So as we celebrate Paintvine's 7th birthday, we're excited to share seven of the weirdest and most unbelievable art facts we could find. Enjoy!

  1. Invisible Art: In 2011, artist Yves Klein sold a series of "invisible" paintings and sculptures, which were essentially empty spaces, for large sums of money. People actually paid thousands of dollars for nothing!
  2. Art Made of Toast: New Zealand artist Maurice Bennett, also known as the "Toastman," created portraits and artworks entirely out of toast. He carefully toasted each piece of bread to varying degrees to achieve different shades and then assembled them into stunning images.
  3. The Most Expensive Painting: Leonardo da Vinci's "Salvator Mundi" holds the record for the most expensive painting ever sold at auction, fetching a staggering $450.3 million in 2017. That's enough to buy a private island—or several!
  4. Mona Lisa's Love Letters: The Mona Lisa receives so many love letters from admirers all over the world, that she has her own mailbox at the Louvre.
  5. The Smelliest Sculpture: Artist Dieter Roth created a series of sculptures made from cheese and other perishable materials. As they decomposed, these sculptures emitted a strong odour, challenging viewers' sensory experiences and perceptions of art.
  6. Strike a Pose: James McNeill Whistler's famous painting "Whistler's Mother" was originally supposed to feature a standing figure. However, when his mother grew tired during the posing, he had her sit down, resulting in the iconic seated portrait.
  7. Potato Art: Artist Kevin Abosch once sold a photograph of a potato for over $1 million. Titled “Potato #345 (2010),” this simple image highlights the sometimes bizarre nature of art valuation.

At Paintvine, we celebrate all forms of artistic expression - no matter how unusual they may be. We love exploring these extraordinary stories, and hope you enjoyed these seven weird tales!