Rabbits and hares have inspired artists for centuries, so this Easter we thought we'd explore some of the more interesting, wild and wonderful bunny artwork out there.


Rabbit, by Jeff Koons (1986)

"Rabbit" is a stainless steel sculpture, standing proudly at just over 3 feet high. Its record-breaking sale in May 2019, reaching an unprecedented $91.1 million at auction, solidified its status as the priciest artwork ever sold by a living artist.

Köttelkarnikel, by Dieter Roth (1975)

A truly unconventional masterpiece, Roth's "Köttelkarnikel" challenges traditional art forms by crafting a rabbit sculpture entirely from rabbit droppings. 

Balloon Rabbit, by Jeff Koons (2005–2010)

We just had to mention Jeff Koons again! Inspired by a twisted rubber balloon rabbit, Jeff Koons created a series of striking limited edition porcelain sculptures in bright, highly reflective colours. These porcelain sculptures are inspired from his larger "Balloon Rabbit" series which included a monumental three-ton sculpture standing over four meters tall, crafted from mirror-polished stainless steel with transparent colour coating.

When questioned about his choice of a rabbit motif, Koons attributed it to his upbringing in rural Pennsylvania, where decorative rabbits adorned front yards during Easter, recalling a sense of nostalgia and tradition.

Spring Cleaning, by Olivia Bezett

Olivia Bezett is a New Zealand artist who creates the most incredibly realistic drawings using coloured pencils. Her drawing "Spring Cleaning" is such a cute depiction of a bunny with butterfly wings for ears, that we just had to include it!

The Motif of the Three Hares

An ancient symbol found in various cultures worldwide, the motif of the three hares features three hares chasing each other in a circle, often sharing only three ears between them. This enigmatic symbol has been depicted in paintings, sculptures, and architecture, inspiring intrigue and speculation about its meaning. 

Landscape with Rabbits, by Vincent van Gogh (1889)

Using his signature short swirling brush strokes, this painting is a masterpiece of Impressionism that has captivated art lovers since its creation in 1889.

This article shows just a few of the many interesting artworks that feature rabbits, bunnies and hares. It just goes to show how much variety there is in the world of art!