There’s an urban legend that only a psychopath can draw a perfect circle in one go. This unusual belief traces its roots back to the 14th century, and continues today. So is it true?

Evolution of the Myth

Legend has it that in the 14th century, Pope Benedict XI was seeking to commission a painting for the Vatican. Benedict requested a sample of the renowned artist Giotto's work, but instead of providing samples of his art, Giotto simply dipped his paintbrush in black ink and effortlessly drew a perfect circle on canvas in one swoop. Impressed by this seemingly supernatural skill, Benedict offered Giotto the prestigious job.

Over time, this act of drawing a flawless circle became associated with Giotto's genius, bordering on the preternatural or uncanny. Eventually, the story mutated into a belief that such a skill was indicative of psychopathy. Rembrandt, another masterful artist, was also linked to this talent, further fuelling the myth.

The bizarre conclusion that drawing a perfect circle was a sign of psychopathy just goes to show how superstitions can take hold and morph into unusual beliefs.

Debunking the Myth

Contrary to the urban legend, the ability to draw a perfect circle is not exclusive to psychopaths. In fact, anyone can master the art of drawing circles with the right techniques. Platforms like WikiHow offer some great tips on how do draw perfect circles. 

Celebrating Imperfection

At Paintvine, we love the beauty of imperfection! While perfect circles may be attainable through careful techniques, there's a unique charm in freehand circles that reflect the artist's personality and creativity. The idea that only psychopaths can draw perfect circles is debunked by demonstrating that this skill is accessible to everyone.