When Alex and I (Denym) started Paintvine, we wanted to create a company that we would enjoy working at. One built on the same value set that we live by. Which valued and built upon our contribution to it. One where everybody’s work is meaningful and most importantly, one where we put people over profits in all that we do. Work doesn’t have to be shit, counter to what most say about work, work can and should be the most fulfilling pursuit that you do. We spend half our lives at work, so it should be worthwhile to you.

When it comes to understanding our ethos at Paintvine, here are the five things we're all about:

Being accountable and reliable

We take ownership over everything we do, the good and bad. When we win, we celebrate those behind it. But also when we fuck things up, and it happens more than we would like, we put our hands up, take ownership, lean in and learn from it and we all do our best to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Being transparent and taking ownership gives everybody around you certainty, and it strengthens your reputation for being a reliable part of the team. As a team, we’re all here to support each other, that means through the good and through the bad.

Learning how to lose properly is an important part of learning how to win. Losing is okay, making up excuses for it isn’t, taking ownership and learning from losing makes you reliable, and most importantly trustworthy. It lets us all grow and together ascend greater heights.

Being flexible

It's bullshit that companies impose a 1990s office style 9-5 bum-in-chair mentality to running a workplace in the 2020s. People are not machines that need to be squeezed for each inch of productivity in a day.

Flexibility around how you work, live and play is the solution. Each of our lives are different, and ever changing as each day passes by. So we optmise for that. We put our trust into you that you’ll get the job done, when it suits you best, and how it suits you best.

That means flexibility to work anywhere, at anytime so that you can keep living your live that way you want to. The old office might still be there, but that doesn’t mean the old way we did business has to be too.

We act with integrity

Cutting corners and brushing your mistakes under the rug is easy. Doing a quality job for the sake of it and owning up for your shortcomings is tough. But it builds resilience, and sometimes people don’t even notice. But it’s all so important. Because a good reputation is the best form of currency you can have. It compounds each time you act with it, and the best part? Anybody from any race or place can acquire it at no cost. It takes years to build and only seconds to lose. Be somebody that they can trust.

We prefer to act with integrity in all that we do, because ultimately you deserve it, and so do our customers. Don’t worry, being trustworthy pays dividends to you down the line. It makes you reliable. Our customers quite like that.

Always curious

Complacency breeds mediocrity, and mediocrity steals potential. There is no trait more attractive to another than ambition and the desire to improve one's self. Curiosity is the key to achieving excellence, and excellency creates potential.

Being curious at Paintvine means never settling for the status quo, and always looking to be better, do better. There is always a better way to do something, you just need to find out how. We all need to make space to be curious. It fuels our creativity and all that we do here at Paintvine. At the heart of all art is a curious mind creating. Let’s not hold that back.

People over profit

The purpose of a company is to make profit, but in the pursuit of profit companies have become overly possessive of its people. People are not owned by companies, people own companies and people matter more than profit. Without people there would be no profit. We prefer to focus on our people, because people is what makes Paintvine so great.

Each of us at Paintvine is unique, while at the same time each of us all share the same traits that make us uniquely great. If this sounds a little like you, then we’d love for you to join us.