Despite being one of the most famous contemporary artists, Banksy's identity remains unknown - at least officially. Theories range from Banksy being a collective of artists to being a single individual with a penchant for anonymity.

A number of names have been linked with Banksy in the past, adding fuel to the fire of speculation. Among these is Robert Del Naja, a founding member of the band Massive Attack, whose connections to graffiti culture and Bristol's art scene have led some to believe he may be behind the elusive persona.

Similarly, Robin Gunningham, whose name first appeared in a 2008 investigation by The Mail on Sunday, has been cited as a potential candidate, with investigative journalists uncovering possible links between Gunningham and Banksy's early works. Even Neil Buchanan, best known as the host of the children's art show Art Attack, has been suggested as a possible alter ego, though Buchanan himself has denied the rumours.

Additionally, theories abound about Banksy being a collective, with various artists from Bristol's vibrant art scene speculated to be part of the group.

The allure of Banksy's anonymity lies in its defiance of convention—a rejection of the cult of personality that often surrounds artists in the modern age. Instead, Banksy chooses to let his art speak for itself, giving up fame and recognition in favour of provocation and social commentary. 

But it's not just Banksy's art that has captured the public's imagination—it's also his stunts and acts of defiance. One of his most notorious moments came in 2018 when his artwork, "Girl with Balloon," self-destructed just moments after being sold at auction for over £1 million. The piece, partially shredded by a hidden mechanism within its frame, stunned onlookers and left the art world buzzing with speculation.

In a world of constant surveillance and oversharing, Banksy remains a beacon of anonymity—a reminder that sometimes, the most powerful statements are made in silence.

As the search for his true identity continues, one thing remains certain: Banksy's legacy will endure. Whether he's painting on the side of a building or causing chaos in the auction room, Banksy continues to defy expectations and challenge perceptions, reminding us all of the power of art to provoke, inspire, and change the world.