Ā A Guide to Celebrating New Beginnings
Last updated 8th November 2023

Divorce parties are a relatively new but increasingly popular way to mark the end of a marriage and the beginning of a new chapter in life. They offer a fresh perspective on a divorce, emphasizing positivity, personal growth, and newfound freedom. These events are all about celebrating resilience and embracing the future.

Ā Is It Appropriate to Have a Divorce Party?
The question of whether it's appropriate to have a divorce party often arises. To put it simply, yes, it absolutely is. Divorce parties are not about celebrating the end of a marriage but rather the start of something new and exciting.Ā 

People who have experienced divorce parties often find them to be empowering and healing. It's a way to acknowledge the challenges you've overcome and the strength you've discovered during a difficult period. Divorce parties offer an opportunity to surround yourself with positivity, encouraging you to embrace the next chapter of your life with open arms.

How to Throw a Good Divorce Party

Organizing a fantastic divorce party is all about creating an atmosphere that's both empowering and entertaining. Start by selecting a cool venue and infusing the party with a theme that resonates with the guest of honor, setting the stage for a memorable experience.

The key to a successful divorce party is to ensure everyone has a blast. Surround them with positivity, laughter, and an enthusiastic embrace of the exciting journey that lies ahead.

Do You Bring a Gift to a Divorce Party?

Gift-giving at divorce parties is entirely optional. While some guests may bring a symbolic token of support, it's not expected. The focus is on celebrating and finding closure, with the presence of loved ones as the most meaningful gift.

Activities for Your Divorce Party Across New Zealand

Now, let's explore a range of enjoyable activities that you can organize for your divorce party across New Zealand.

Paintvine: Unleash Your Inner Artist

Consider a Paintvine session, a popular art class in New Zealand that provides all the materials you need to create your masterpiece. With experienced instructors guiding you, it's an ideal way to express your creativity and enjoy a fun, lively experience.Ā 

šŸ’° Approx. cost per person: $39 - $57

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Divorce Party Paintvine

Adventure Challenge

Embrace your inner thrill-seeker by participating in an adventure challenge. Try activities like zip-lining, white-water rafting, or even a high ropes course. The average price for adventure challenges dependsĀ on the chosen activity and location.

šŸ’° Approx. cost per person: $80 - $150

Wine Tasting Tour

New Zealand boasts world-class wineries, and a wine tasting tour can be a delightful choice.Ā  You'll explore picturesque vineyards, sample unique wines, and enjoy the expertise of knowledgeable guides. Prices for wine tours depends on the region and the number of wineries visited.

šŸ’° Approx. cost per person: $50 - $150

Cooking Classes for Foodies

If you're a food enthusiast, attending cooking classes is a fun and educational option.Ā Cooking classes offer hands-on learning, a variety of cuisines, and all-inclusive ingredients.

šŸ’° Approx. cost per person: $50 - $120

Outdoor Sports Challenge

Amp up the excitement with an outdoor sports challenge day. Engage in friendly competition with activities like paintball, go-karting, or even a game of bubble soccer.Ā 

šŸ’° Approx. cost per person: $30 - $100

Relaxing Spa Day

Treat yourselves to a day of relaxation and pampering at a spa. It's a fabulous way to unwind and have a blast at your divorce party!
Spa treatments can vary widely in price, with basic packages andĀ more comprehensive packages

šŸ’° Approx. cost per person: $100 - $250

Divorce Party Spa
So, there you have it - a variety of exciting activities to ensure your divorce party is a memorable experience for everyone involved. These options offer the chance to celebrate new beginnings and create lasting memories that will stay with you.

But don't forget to consider adding a unique and creative touch to your divorce party. How about coming along to a Paintvine paint and sip event?

It's an opportunity to unleash your inner artist and enjoy an entertaining, art-filled experience with your friends. Alternatively, you can even book a private Paintvine event to make your divorce party truly special.

Get ready for a creative, fun-filled celebration and make memories that will last a lifetime with Paintvine!
Paint. Create. Laugh. Hydrate.

Paint. Create. Laugh. Hydrate.

Unleash your inner artist at Wellingtonā€™s favourite paint and wine night.

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