Here you'll learn in a few easy steps, how to use a discount code, and a gift card code in the same transaction.


1. Add your tickets to the cart via the ticketing page, then click on the check out in the top right hand corner of your screen.

Add ticket to cart


2. Find the box to add the codes in the red square.

Add your discount and gift card codes


3. First, input your unique gift card code in the box. You will see the gift card balance is added immediately.

Add the unique gift card code to the box

4. Then add your discount code to the same box. You'll see the discount code is applied to the remaining total.

Add discount code

Successfully added discount code

5. Now that the codes are added, complete your details in the red box - then click payment.

Fill in your details

6. Complete your order by clicking Pay Now (no payment is needed when using the gift card and discount)

Finish order


7. All done! You'll get an order confirmation shortly.